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Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost


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T-Shirt with “NOT all those Who Wander are lost”
Illustrated by Brandon Tennant. T-shirt color may vary.

Brandon Tennant, owner of, illustrates and prints the majority of his shirts. He strives for the prints to have soft feel, yet stand the test of time.

His designs reflect his borderline obsession for bigfoot and other cryptids. Growing up in Yellowstone this passion for all wildlife, including the Sasquatch, began as a child. By drawing, watching movies, and reading books on monsters he honed his skills as an artist. As he got older he began exploring the woods in hopes of finding evidence of the elusive creatures. That day finally came in 2005 while investigating a reported encounter, south east of Pocatello. He and his friend heard a shockingly loud and deep scream-like whistling in response to some wood knocking. His second encounter was in 2007, when he stumbled across some really large footprints in association with the sound of concussive foot falls! This incident occurred very near the site where Paul Freeman took the famous footage of a Bigfoot and it’s young in 1994. and its parent company, Falling Rock Productions, are located in Pocatello, Idaho. Where every 2nd or 3rd year, we organize and sponsor our own gathering of Sasquatch enthusiasts, who come from all around to share stories and experiences at the Bigfoot Rendezvous!

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