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Bigfoot Rendezvous


Tickets are $25 per day or $40 for both days — only 300 tickets available!

Your Paypal receipt is your ticket(s)! And be sure to bring ID to match name.



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A group of Sasquatch enthusiasts gather in Pocatello, ID on September 23rd and 24th at the Bannock County Event Center.

There will be 2 main speakers each day — Dr. Jeffery Meldrum and Cliff Barackman!

Also joining this star-studded lineup is Scot and Hannah Violette — known as Squatch America.

And don’t miss Marc Myrsell or Becky Cook!

The event emcee will be KPVI Channel 6’s Matt Davenport.

2 ticket options: $25 for one day, or $40 for both. Limit of 300 guests each day.

We will be in Building B, behind the grandstand at the Event Center. (#14 on the map, 10588 Fairgrounds Road)

Your Paypal receipt is your ticket(s)! And be sure to bring ID to match name.




Cliff Barackman has been a Bigfoot field researcher since 1994.  His expeditions have taken him to 46 states and five continents in search of undiscovered hominoids worldwide.  As the evidence analyst on Animal Planet’s hit television show, Finding Bigfoot, Cliff has applied his skill and expertise to a variety of photographic, video, film, and sound evidence.  Cliff is especially familiar with the footprint and handprint evidence for sasquatches, and he is the curator for one of the largest collections of cast evidence in the world. He is the co-owner and curator of the North American Bigfoot Center.  Cliff is also an accomplished musician and outdoorsman living a quiet life on the western slopes of Oregon’s Cascade Mountain range, deep in the heart of bigfoot country.

Dr. Jeff Meldrum is a Full Professor of Anatomy & Anthropology at Idaho State University (since 1993). His research centers on the evolution of hominin bipedalism. His professional interest in the footprints attributed to sasquatch began when he personally examined a line of 15-inch tracks in the Blue Mountains of southeastern Washington, in 1996. Over 25 years later, his lab houses well over 300 footprint casts attributed to relict hominoids around the world. He conducts collaborative laboratory and field research throughout the world, and has shared his findings in numerous popular and professional publications and presentations, interviews, and television appearances. He is author of Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science (Tom Doherty Publishers, 2006). In addition, he has published two field guides to relict hominoids (Paradise Cay Publishing, 2013, 2016). He is editor-in-chief of the scholarly refereed journal, The Relict Hominoid Inquiry (, now in its twelfth year.

Squatch America is the husband and wife team, Scot and Hannah Violette. Scot’s personal sighting in 2018 took his Bigfoot research hobby to new heights and, in 2020, they hit the road to pursue all things Bigfoot full-time. Combining Scot’s anthropology and Hannah’s sociology backgrounds, plus their shared love of travel, they have spent the last two years crisscrossing the United States, collecting and following up on Bigfoot reports, speaking to eyewitnesses, and even documenting fresh, new evidence of the species. They have built a YouTube audience and love sharing their experiences, expanding the knowledge base, and taste-testing jalapeno poppers, always searching for the best Bigfoot bait.

Marc Myrsell is a life long land surveyor in Oregon and Washington. Born in 1966, he became enamored with the quest of lost mysteries. While the re-discovery of the 1924 Ape Canyon Cabin is his claim to fame and infinite riches, he continues to venture in to the mildew and dust of shadowy paper archives in search of long forgotten stories; taking this evidence in to the field to look for physical evidence of historical monster attacks.

Becky Cook is an Idaho native and an award winning author. She has been fascinated with Bigfoot sightings and stories her entire life since hearing her first when she was four years old. She had been collecting those stories and has compiled many of the hundreds of stories into four books: Bigfoot Lives in Idaho, Bigfoot Still Lives in Idaho, Bigfoot Lives Forever in Idaho and Bigfoot Lives Everywhere in Idaho. Becky is one of the 100 tallest women in the United States but she is still shorter than some of the Bigfoot she has seen personally.
Beyond Bigfoot: Becky has written for numerous newspapers and magazines throughout the western United States and has reported local, regional, and national news. She has several books available other than Bigfoot, including a book of memoirs based around her changing flock of chickens titled The Chicken Chronicles. She also authored a children’s book called the Grumpy Genie with two more books in that series going to print shortly – the Grateful Genie and the Generous Genie. She has numerous projects ongoing currently and is always finding new subject matter to write about.

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